Ketogenic Diet Recipes With Ground Beef

Ketogenic Diet Recipes With Ground Beef

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There are many reasons to consider a ketogenic diet. The most obvious is to promote the aforementioned fat burning properties. Several studies have shown that the diet is effective for many trial participants. Some physicians also recommend a ketogenic diet to treat epilepsy in children.

The History of “Bad Fat” - For many years, it was common knowledge that fatty foods were the main reason to blame for weight gain. High fat diets were scorned by doctors because they cause weight gain, and they were also a main contributor to the prevalence of heart disease. Scientific studies that were carried out in the late 1940′s sought to answer the factors that contribute to coronary heart disease.

My food prep is a little different from some others out there… I don’t really like to pre-package a bunch of meals because I like variety throughout the days, so I …

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