Ketogenic Food For Backpacking

Photo Credit: Flickr CC by 4.0

A ketogenic diet menu typically consists of high-fat foods like:
* meats
* fatty fish
* nuts
* cream
* cheese
* butter
* coconut oil
* coconut milk
Vegetables are recommended as well. They include all varieties that are low in carbs. On the other hand, you might want to cut down on the potatoes.

It turns out that a diet that’s high in fats and low in carbohydrates is a great way to shed fat and keep it off. Even more intriguing is the idea that a high fat diet may actually protect the heart from diseases.

Keto and (semi) clean eating is possible on a multi day backpacking trip! Check out what we packed for our (originally planned) 3 day, 3 night backpacking trip in …

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